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Book 1


Welcome to Shay Island, where the magic that surrounds you might just change your life.

Shay Island Shifters: Griff was previously published as Bearly Pucked by Janna Raynes

Bear shifter Griff “Grizzly” Berenger has a life most people would kill for. Rich, talented, and one of the star players of the Seattle Blizzards, he’s been putting on a good show to hide the emptiness he’s living in. Until the day he loses control of his bear and did the unthinkable. Now, suspended from the team and injured, Griff returns to his home on Shay Island to nurse his physical and emotional wounds now since the only thing that gave him purpose is gone. He is ready to wallow in his misery until she walks into his life…

Half shifter Maddox Price has come to accept her outcast status, though that doesn’t mean she lets it ruin her life. She’s fought for every scrap of dignity and respect. An amazing opportunity lands her on Shay Island, and if she gets it right it could make her entire career. But just because she’s suddenly faced with the grumpiest, most arrogant client of her short career, it doesn’t mean she’s going to lay back and take it. Even if the thought of laying back with Griff does send fire through her veins.

When Griff realizes that Maddox is the key to helping him control his bear and rebuilding his life, he tries to convince the fiery woman to give him a chance. But Maddox isn’t about to be won over by some pretty words about being his “mate”, especially when every shifter she’s ever met has made it clear that she’s just not good enough.

Both must fight their own insecurities and fears to find each other. With a little help from their friends, family, and their time on Shay Island, their love might have a fighting chance.

Start off this spicy shifter romance series Shay Island Shifters with Griff: Book 1!

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