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Book 1

Spell Shocked

One feisty aunt with talking animals, a surprisingly supernatural lakeside town, and a boatload of magic are all it takes to shake up my midlife.

No one should live day to day just to exist. It only took an invite from a person I’ve never met to a place I didn’t know existed to tempt me to walk…no, run away from everything I knew. How sad is it when I’m the last one to see that my crappy life needs a do-over?

Starting over in my midlife wasn’t exactly the plan. But with the discovery that I actually have an aunt I never knew existed, magic is real, humans can turn into animals, and there might even be a real freaking dragon living in Guardian Lake—I can’t help but hope there has to be a better life waiting for me to choose it.

I’m going to make the rest of my forties fabulous by any means necessary. From here on out, I’m carving my own path in life, choosing my own adventures, and creating my own happy ending.

Once I get the hang of my Charmed Midlife, I intend to never look back!

Spell Shocked is a slow-burn romantic paranormal women’s fiction with a woman who’s rediscovering her sass and learning how to kick a little ass.

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Book 1
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